hack:house - powered by IOActive

IOActive supported security startup incubator for the greater London area entrepreneurs.

IOActive's big brand in the security community, our deep ties to how to run a security business, our deep connections to investment money and fostering young entrepreneurs to achieve more, in less time and with less money

IOActive has 26 years of international business experience along with a very large professional network spanning the globe we can bring to the members of our space.


Available Memberships

Cyber Pirate

hot desking on hourly rates with limited access to incubator resources

Cyber Sailor

hot desking for fixed monthly subscription with some access to incubator resources

Hack Captain

fixed desk with full access to incubator resources


Incubator Services

Early Stage Funding

The Help You Need

Legal Counseling

Help When You Need It


Do more in less time and with less money


Meet the right people in cyber security

Hacking Skills

Definitely learn a trick or two

Global Brand

What does it take to go global



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